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Winterfest 2022

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Name: Winterfest 2022

Date: January 28-30, 2022

Host Name: Club Aviva

Host Website:

Club Aviva would like to invite your club to participate in our annual Winterfest Competition! This is a friendly season warm up competition. Vault to hard mat into pit. Come try your new vaults! We are hoping to host our event in person. Our plan is to provide several small competitions throughout the weekend with smaller groupings. We are still unsure about the status of SPECTATORS at this time. We will update closer to the event.

Registration available from 2021-10-29 to 2021-12-18.

The registration fee increases on and again on .

Clubs can scratch athletes with no penalty until .

Athlete Categories Offered

Name Type Discipline Cost on 2021-10-29 Cost on Cost on
JO 1 JO WAG 135.00
JO 2 JO WAG 135.00
JO 3 JO WAG 135.00
JO 4 JO WAG 135.00
JO 5 JO WAG 135.00
JO 6 JO WAG 135.00
JO 7 JO WAG 135.00
JO 8 JO WAG 135.00
JO 9 JO WAG 135.00
JO 10 JO WAG 135.00
Aspire 1 Aspire WAG 135.00
Aspire 2 Aspire WAG 135.00
Interclub Interclub WAG 135.00
Xcel Bronze Xcel WAG 135.00
Xcel Silver Xcel WAG 135.00
Xcel Gold Xcel WAG 135.00

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